Martingale Strategy for Bitcoin Dice

Martingale is a popular betting strategy across various games.

It doesn’t matter if you play Dice, roulette, or bet on sports. You can always utilize the Martingale method. It’s simple yet powerful. Just double the size in case of loss. When the win occurs, you recoup previous losses.

Learn more about the Martingale strategy and how to use it in Bitcoin Dice.

Why Play Dice with Martingale

Play Martingale on Bitcoin Dice

Use the Martingale strategy on the best Bitcoin casinos offering Dice games.

See the details of the tested and trusted crypto sites and roll the Dice.






Be aware that casinos always win in the long run. The games operate on the house edge. You won’t be able to beat the odds mathematically.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale’s method is based on Math laws. By following the strategy, you recoup losses + earn a little profit in the winning round.

The Martingale betting strategy is often used in gambling, specifically in games of chance where the bettor has a 50/50 chance of winning, such as betting on the outcome of a coin toss or on red or black in roulette. It’s a simple strategy—any newcomer can set it up for crypto games (mainly Dice).

Use Martingale for Bitcoin Dice to experience and learn about systematic betting.

The principle of the Martingale strategy is that the player doubles his bet after each loss, eventually winning and recouping all of their previous losses, plus a small profit.

How to use Martingale for Crypto Dice

As previously stated, the basic principle of Martingale’s strategy is that the bettor doubles its bet size (stake) bet after each loss to eventually win and recoup all of its previous losses, plus a small profit.

How to Play Martingale
  1. Enter your starting bet size and set the payout to x2
  2. Condition A – In case of lossMultiply the bet by 100%
  3. Condition B – In case of a winReset the stake
  4. Let the game run

Always set the payout to 2x or more. It’s a main condition for strategy to work.

Preset Martingale on Bitcoin Casinos

Some Bitcoin casinos have the Martingale preset in the system. This way you can apply this popular strategy without entering the conditions by yourself.

To increase the chance for a long winning streak, play on Bitcoin casinos with a low house edge (high Return-to-player percentage). The following crypto betting sites have dice originals operating with a 1% house edge.

martingale strategy dice
Apply the Martingale strategy to the BC.Game dice game with just a 1% house edge

Benefits of the Martingale Strategy

Every advanced gambler knows about the pros and cons of the Martingale strategy.

See the main benefits of using Martingale in crypto games:

Martingale's Negatives

No betting strategy is perfect. Martingale’s gambling method has its drawbacks.

Be aware of the limitations of this betting strategy so you can minimize or avoid monstrous losses.

If the played game has betting limits, the increasing betting stake will touch it, and you won’t be able to double your bet size. This fact will destroy the strategy, and you are about to lose multiples of the base bet.

Plan and know the risk of using Martingale on your preferred game.

Modified Martingale Strategies

Such a simple yet effective strategy is suitable for modifying.

See the most popular Martingale variants.

Delayed Martingale Strategy

The lesser-known and modified version of the original Martingale is the Delayed Martingale strategy.

Use this strategy to delay the rapid bet size increase.

How to Play Delayed Martingale
  1. Enter your starting bet size and set the payout to x2
  2. Condition A – In case of a streak of 3 consecutive lossesMultiply the bet by 100%
  3. Condition B – Each next lossMultiply the by 100% again
  4. Condition C – In case of a winReset the stake
  5. Let the game run

The delayed Martingale strategy lets you record three consecutive losses before it increases the stake.

After loss #3, it doubles the bet size and follows the standard Martingale formula.

You sacrifice a few profits to minimize the risks of bloating up the bet size and the potential of a significant loss.

Use the Delayed Martingale strategy in dice games for a stable increase of total wagering and farming high VIP levels. delayed martingale dice strategy
Play dice on with predefined Delayed Martingale strategy

Break-Even Martingale Strategy

The Break-Even Martingale Strategy is a less risky alternative to the Martingale Strategy.

It is similar in that it involves increasing the bet after a loss, but instead of doubling the bet after every loss, the bet is only doubled after two consecutive losses. For example, if a player starts betting with $2 and loses twice in a row, the next bet would be $4. If they win the next round, they would recover all previous losses.

This strategy reduces the potential for large losses and allows for a longer playing time compared to the traditional Martingale strategy.

Martingale Dice Strategy FAQ

Yes. It works in the short run. Crypto operators win in the long run, though.

The majority of quality Bitcoin Dice sites accept players using the Martingale strategy. And indeed, it is a convenient way of playing crypto Dice as you can set it up perfectly.

But the main Martingale strategy drawback remains. If there is an upper betting limit or non-infinite bankroll, the strategy will eventually fail and the player loses a large amount of money (multiplier of the base stake).

Yes. It is.

Every Bitcoin casino allows you to use any form of betting pattern. Operators are well aware of the limitations of such strategies.

Even if the casino loses for a moment, they know they’ll make a profit in the end. Every game runs with an RTP <100%, so the casino has an edge in the long run.

E.g., players playing Dice with Martingale will reach the betting or bankroll limits resulting in the player’s loss.

Martingale in Dice