Bitcoin Dice Strategy

Play dice with sophisticated strategies to beat the game in the short run. 

You can focus on a quick big win or steady streaks with small wins.

What are the best Bitcoin casinos to apply your dice strategy? Explore all the options. Find the appropriate game strategy for your goals.

Be aware that casinos always win in the long run. The games operate on the house edge. You won’t be able to beat the odds mathematically.

Best Bitcoin Dice Strategies

What dice strategies are popular and most used by the players? You’ll recognize some of the listed ones and others will be novel to you. 

Try them out!

Martingale Strategy

The classic of the classics – the Martingale strategy. You can use this one for quick wins.

Be cautious as the size of your bet can grow fast. Therefore, you need a significant balance to start with. Or place small bets in the beginning to minimize the risk of being wiped off.

How to Play Martingale
  1. Enter your starting bet size and set the payout to x2
  2. Condition A – In case of lossMultiply the bet by 100%
  3. Condition B – In case of a winReset the stake
  4. Let the game run

The strategy is based on doubling the stake after each loss to increase the potential win in the next round. This way, your total winnings remain in the green numbers.

Learn about the pros and cons of Martingale more in detail.

Preset Martingale on Bitcoin Casinos

Some Bitcoin casinos have the Martingale preset in the system. This way you can apply this popular strategy without entering the conditions by yourself.

To increase the chance for a long winning streak, play on Bitcoin casinos with a low house edge (high Return-to-player percentage). The following crypto betting sites have dice originals operating with a 1% house edge.

martingale strategy dice
Apply the Martingale strategy to the BC.Game dice game with just a 1% house edge

Delayed Martingale Strategy

The lesser-known and modified version of the original Martingale is the Delayed Martingale strategy.

Use this strategy to delay the rapid bet size increase.

How to Play Delayed Martingale
  1. Enter your starting bet size and set the payout to x2
  2. Condition A – In case of a streak of 3 consecutive lossesMultiply the bet by 100%
  3. Condition B – Each next lossMultiply the by 100% again
  4. Condition C – In case of a winReset the stake
  5. Let the game run

The delayed Martingale strategy lets you record three consecutive losses before it increases the stake.

After loss #3 it doubles the bet size and follows the standard Martingale formula.

You sacrifice a few profits for minimizing the risks of bloating up the bet size and the potential of a significant loss.

Use the Delayed Martingale strategy in dice games for stable increasing the total wagering and farming high VIP levels. delayed martingale dice strategy
Play dice on with predefined Delayed Martingale strategy

Play Dice Strategies on these Bitcoin Casinos

If you’ve decided which dice strategy you want to apply, you should do the research a choose the right Bitcoin casino for you.

The main factors for picking the Bitcoin casino:

  • Credibility – The website has to have a history of paid out and satisfied users
  • Dice Game Settings – Can you run dice on auto-bet mode? Create advanced strategies?
  • RTP (return-to-player) Percentage – You want it to be as high as possible – Gives you a higher chance for a profitable session
  • Provably Fair – Always choose dice games running on this protocol to ensure the fairness of the outcomes
  • Bonuses – Are you looking for a Welcome deposit bonus?
  • VIP Program – Be rewarded for your loyalty. Receive various types of bonuses






Best Stake Dice Strategy is one of the best places to play dice. Their original dice game operates with 99% RTP and features the possibility to run advanced strategies.

Players always seek new dice strategies to implement on See the favorite and innovative strategies that will help you to beat the casino in the short run.

If you manage to put in a large wagering volume, you’ll get considerable weekly and monthly bonus claims. Get additional rewards via the Stake $100,000 Daily Races.

ultraPOWAH Strategy

The first dice strategy we’ll look into is ultraPOWAH. Use it for medium targets.

The bet size grows quickly in case of a long losing streak. But the chances for >3 consecutive losses are small. 

This dice strategy has the potential to run for a long time without a crucial crash.

RISK: Medium

PROFIT: Medium

How to Play ultraPOWAH
  1. Enter your starting bet size and set the Win chance to 79.20%
  2. Condition A – On every 1 Wins > Reset amount
  3. Condition B – On every 1 Losses > Increase amount 420%
  4. Condition C – On every streak of 5 Losses > Set win chance 84.50%
  5. Condition D – On every 1 Wins > Set win chance 79.20
ultrapowah dice strategy
ultraPOWAH is a great Stake dice strategy with medium risk Instant Rakeback

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Bitcoin Dice Strategy FAQ

No in the long run. Although you can beat the casino in short or medium sessions.

Use Bitcoin Dice strategies to amplify mathematical advantage in the short run.

There are multiple great crypto casinos with dice games.

It’s always important to focus on games running on ‘Provably Fair’ protocol. Another beneficial attribute is a high RTP percentage – increases your chances to be profitable in a short/medium timeframe.

Sure, you can play with various cryptocurrencies.

Every recommended crypto casino on this site accepts multiple coins. You can play dice games with all of them.

See the best dice betting sites for USDC, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Solana holders.

Dice Strategies