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Football Studio Dice by Evolution

Try the special version of Evolution's Studio Football. During the FIFA World Cup players can join the live-action dice play.

Dice lover, try something new. During the 2022 World Cup, Evolution provider is rolling out two new versions of their Football Studio game – Dice and Baccarat.

Join Stake casino and see if the game gains your interest. If you entertain yourself with classic Dice originals, it’s nice to spice up things with live-action. Sign up with if you’re not a current customer.

Football Studio World Cup

The game is easy itself. A random result of the imaginary four-dice match will determine if you win or lose.

Place a bet on Home, Away, or Draw. Dice are rolled, and you can observe the outcome.

The winning multipliers are clear. Bet on a win of either team to win the double. Bet on a draw, and you get an 8x multiplier. To hit the highest 80x multiplier, all dice have to end up on the number 6 side.

Evolution tech company always delivers the top gambling experience, both for live games and slots.

ingame football studio dice evolution
Who wins? Numbers on the dice determine the match result.

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